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Achankovil sree dhrama sastha temple, pancha sastha temple in kollam

lord ayyappa in grihsthasrama posture – Achankovil sree dhrama sastha kshethram

Achankovil sree dhrama sastha kshethram is a popular pilgrim center in kollam dedicate to lord ayyappa. the temple closely located at the banks of river achankovil, so the temple got the name achan kovil sree dharama sastha temple, it is a main river in which flowing most of it in pathanamthitta. this is a popular pilgrim spot for the devotees who headed to sabarimala. this is one among the pancha sastha sthalams, which means the five holy place dedicate for lord sastha in pathanamthitta and kollam districts. sabari mala is considered as one among the pancha sastha place for lord ayyappa.

According to hindu mythology, it says that the installation of the idol in achankovil sree dhrama sastha kshethram is placed by lord parashurama himself, lord parasurama is an incarnation of vishnu. as sabarimala it represents eighteen steps to headed to temple ground, each step of the temple has a great meaning. lord ayyappa in the temple appeared in the form of grihasthsrama, which means the head of a family as a married man. ganesha, muruga, yakshi, nagaraja, durga, malikappuram and some tribal god etc are the sub deities exist in the temple compound. a mangrove in the temple compound is the highlight at achankovil sree dharma sastha kshethram. sandal is the prasadam of temple having some medicinal properties.

Achankovil sree dhrama sastha temple
Achankovil sree dhrama sastha temple

Annual festival is host in the temple on malayalam month dhanu which lasts for 10 days, celebrated as thiruvutsavam. mandala pooja also performed in mandalakalam- makaravilakku season. the procession of sacred jewels to sabarimala is called thiruvabharanam ghoshyathra, which is a celebration of the temple. there are many routes to locate at the destination, 85 km from kollam. the nearest rail heads are kollam and punalur having the distances 85 and 43 km respectively. the nearest airport is trivandrum at a distance of 140 km.

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