List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Adikumbeswarar temple, celebrating mahamaham festival – kumbhakonam

popular shiva temple at the heart of kumbhakonam city – Adikumbeswarar temple

Adikumbeswarar temple is one of the ancient shiva temples in south india dedicate to lord shiva which built on 7th century. lord shiva worshiping in the form of a lingam same as majority shiva temples in india. lord shiva installed as adikumbeswarar and his consort parvathy as mangalambikai in tanjavure district, tamilnadu. kumbhakonam is the nearest city, the name of this city derived by according to the presence of temple. there are many sub deities consists in the temple compound including sun, moon, maha lakshmi, kiratha moorthy, vinayagar, planets, natrajar etc. there are six main daily rituals host in the temple.

Temple was exist from the period of chola emperors. it is one of the largest temple structure in the state, which spreading in large area. huge towers are the prime attraction of the temple which is most commonly known as rajagopurams. silver chariot s are the other main feature of adikumbeswarar temple, it is silver plated sacred vehicles which is usually carried out during the time of events relate with temple festivals here. so many sacred water sources are exist with this temple, there are total seven holy water sources situated here along with cauvery river.

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple Kumbakonam
Adi Kumbeswarar Temple Kumbakonam

Mahamaham festival is the grand event host at adikumbeswarar temple which usually falls in tamil month masi, prime attraction relate with this event is the bathing in the holy water tank mahamaham. mahamaham festival conducts only once within 12 years. it is believed that , holy bath with this event washes away all sins of human. margazhi, vaigasi, navarathri, panguni uthram are the main festivals host here annually. kumbhakonam city is very adjacent to the temple at a distance of 2 km having the well bus services. nearest rail head also the airport located at kumbhakonam city.

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