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Airavateswara temple, Lord shiva as Airavateswar and sakthi as Devanayaki

Airavateswara temple, location information,temple architecture and timings

airavateswara temple kumbakonam
airavateswara temple kumbakonam

Airavateswara temple is a hindu temple dedicate to lord vishnu located at Kumbhakoanm of Tamilnadu. lord shiva is worship here as airavateswara temple. the temple was built during the period of chola emperors by the raja raja chola II. the temple is one of the heritage center of UNESCO. there is legend according to the story of airavata, airavata is the white elephant, royal elephant of hindu gods in heaven, once the elephant affected by the curse of saint durvasav, the , the only solution to this problem which is a holy bath in the sacred water of this temple. the colur of the airavata back ti its normal conditionafter bathing in the sacred water source of this temple so that the deity known as siravateswara. the goddess of the temple known as devanayaki.

airavateswara temple located at darasuram town near kumbhakonam, the temple architecture is so amazing. it is the best example of the tamil architecture that follows by the tamil emperors early. there are many sculptures are focused at the pillars and walls of the temple. all dancing postures of bharathanatyam carved on the stone. there is a mandapa focused at the entrance of the temple.devotees can climb up to the mandapa after heading three stepss which made of stone. at the entrance of the temple dwarapalakas are also seen in imposng posture. the holy water source of the temple called yamatheertham, yama is the god of death is an incarnation of lord shiva.

The airavateswara temple located at darasuram, there is plenty of bus service available from Kumbhakonam to here, there is only 30 km distance between these two places. Kumbhakonam and tanjavure are the nearest rail heads to the temple. Trichinopoly is the nearest airport from temple is about 120 km distance.
Temple timings: 7.00 am to 12.00 noon.

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