List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Akshardham temple, largest temple in new delhi dedicate to swaminarayan

Akshardham mandir, recently opened temple in new delhi with great structure

Akshardham mandir is a newly opened temple located at the heart of india, it is not only a pilgrim center but also a tourist attraction in the pilgrimages at new delhi. it situated near to nisamudheen bridge. it was opened on 2005 by dr. a p j abdul kalam. lord swami narayanan is the prime deity in the sanctum. it located at the banks of river yamuna. according to hindu mythology word akshardam means the abode of almightly lord swami narayan and believed by followers as a temporal home of god on earth. it built by following maharishi vasthu architecture. yogiji maharaj was take the initial step for the building.

Mandapams are the highlight of the temple, there total eight mandapams belongs to the temple. garbha gruh is the inner sanctum of the temple, main deity installed in the garbhagruh, installation of lord in the sanctum is about 11 feet high. there are also the sculptures in the temple from the ancient stories. the term akshar dham is derived from two words akshar and dham these two words represents eternal and abode respectively, that means abode of divine. this is one of the largest structure in india, rich with flaura and fauna.

akshardham temple new delhi
akshardham temple new delhi

There are uncountable number of sub deities installed in swami narayan temple. the architecture of akshardham mandir is very amazing one, there is not not used iron or steel, it comprises 10 storied architecture, carved pillars are the prime attraction, there is about 234 carved pillars exist in the temple. diwali celebrations host at akshardham temple in a large scale. a lotus shaped garden is also exist in the temple compound. it will easy to locate at the temple by metro, metro station belongs to the temple located very close to akshardham mandir.

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