List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Aluva Mahadeva Temple, Located at the banks of great periyar river

Aluva mahadeva temple, famous for ancestral rites

Aluva Mahadeva Temple
Aluva Mahadeva Temple

Aluva mahadeva temple is a famous shiva temple in kerala and located at the banks of the river periyar, aluva sivarathri is popular among kerala. also the temple is famous for ancestral rites. it located 22 km from ernakulam. the temple is very near to marthanda varma bridge at a distance 1 km away, NH 47 passes through this way, managalappuzha is a tributary to periyar, the actual position of the temple is at the bank of mangalappuzha.

The principal deity is lord mahadeva but the statue is not present, yet the swayambhoo sivalinga is present, but it is focused at the river banks of periyar. this is not a permanent structure.the statue of nandikesa is present, aluva mahadeva temple hosts sivarathri in grand scale compared to other siva temples in kerala. special poojas are performed in shivaratri day.

it is believed that the swayambhoo linga installed by sree rama is the 7th avatar of mahavishnu. the temple was destroyed in flood, but bhoothaganas of shiva worshiped every night, they wish to make a temple, but llord shiva had a condition, if you start the temple work it would completed within single night, bhuthaganas started the work. but lord mahavishnu appears as a cock and crawled, they misunderstand it became morning, they stop the work. during threta yuga lord sree rama done the rituals for jadayu here.

a lot of peoples here too do the ancestral rites on the day of bali tharpan in malayalam month karkidakam. swayambhoo linga is made up of pebbles and have 8 cm height.There is only one pooja performed here daily, four months from makaram to medam athazhapooja is performed here. the sand banks of aluva mahadeva temple is known as manappuram aluva railway station is located northwards to temple about 0 km distance. aluva shiva temple is administrated by travancore devaswom board.

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