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Ammathiruvadi temple, one among the popular 108 durga temples- Thrissur

location information about temple and mythology of Ammathiruvadi kshethram

Ammathiruvadi temple is a famous durga kshethra located at urakam village near irinjalakkuda in thrissur district. the presiding deity of ammathiruvadi kshethram is goddess durga and worshiped as one of the 108 holy place for goddess durga in kerala. this is one of the ancient temple in kerala by which built about 700 years ago and he installation for the temple done by a brahmin priest named poomulli namboothiri, the place where temple situated was the house of the priest located. huge gopurams are the prime attraction of ammathiruvadi kshethram which are very huge in structure

According to hindu mythology, once poomulli namboothiri went to the visit at kanchi meenakshi amman, goddess became more happy by the devotion of namboothiri, then she determined to visit kerala with him, she placed on his palm leaf umbrella. he returned to the home and placed umbrella on the floor. when he came back too take the umbrella it was heavily placed on the floor. he identified that the presence of goddess was in the umbrella. after that he came to be know with more about by his dreaming, goddess wanted him to make the temple for her in hat place through dream of namboothiri. and hence there was a temple and is installed where it located.

Urakam Ammathiruvadi Temple
Urakam Ammathiruvadi Temple

As same in all other durga temples, nine day navarathri festival is celebrated in a grand scale in ammathiruvadi kshethram. thrikarthika day celebrated as the birthday of goddess. double storied sanctum of the temple is surrounded with nalambalam. well facilitated feeding hall is termed as oottupura. temple is located at urakam village very close to thrissur city. thrissur is the nearest city to the temple located at a distance of 11 km. it has the facilities both bus terminal and rail head. cochin international located at a distance of 54 km from here

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