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Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple Pooja List, Festivals, Location and Route Map

Pooja , Vazhupadu list at Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple Kottayam

Ayilyam Pooja, 8 Uruli Noorum Palum, Thattil Noorum Paalum, Annadaanam, Ashta Naga Kalam etc are the main pooja offerings at kottayam ananthankavu nagalakshmi temple. ananthankavu nagalakshmi kshethra is the only nagalakshmi temple in kerala, actually this is a sacred place for protecting snakes and mangroves. it is also considered that this is the only place in kerala having the ancient idols of serpant gods.

Ayilyam pooja is the main offering here, special nagapoojas held on ayilyam day of every malayalam months, it will performed according to tantric worships in kerala. ayilyam pooja is performing for achieve the blessings of nagalakshmi. conducting mahavishnu pooja in ananthankavu at a rate of rupee 1500.

8 Uruli noorum palum is a prominent ritual performing here to achieve the blessings of ashta nagas or eight nagas and hence it got the name 8 uruli noorum palum. this pooja mainly aims to have the blessings of Anantha, Vasuki, Thakshaka, Karkkotaka, Shankha, Gulika, Padma and Mahapadma. Normal naga poojas also conduct in the kavu.

Ashta naga kalam is the special pooja conducts on night to dedicate eight nagas, special kolams drawn using turmeric rice powder etc.v thattil noorum palum is an yearly naga pooja which conducting on the ayilyam day of malayalam month kanni. thattil noorum palum is not a simple one, it is mainly aims the blessings of akasa sarppam so that it can’t conduct in ground level, it will take around of 10 feet high platform.

Ayilyam PoojaMahavishnu Pooja
8-uruli Noorum Paalum (Gulika – Maandi Dhosha Parihaaram)Kadum Payasam
Kaala Sarppa Dosha PariharamRahu Kethu Pooja
Ashta Naga PoojaKumbhabhishekam
Thattil Noorum PaalumPaalabhishekam
Paal PaayasamNagalekshmi Pooja
1 Day Pooja

Ananthankavu Naagalakshmi Kshethram Contact Details
Vazhoor P.O
Kerala 686504
Phone – 919847245103

Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple Vazhupadu List
Ananthankavu Nagalakshmi Temple Vazhupadu List

Charges for the offering at ananthanakavu nagalakshmi temple:-
1. 8 Uruli noorum palum- Rs.20000/-
2. Ayilyam pooja – Rs.6000/-
3. Naga pooja – Rs.50/-
4. Thattil noorum palum- Rs.100/-

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