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Ananthapuram lake temple in kasargod district – pooja, timings, images and location

Ananthapuram lake temple – origin of sreepadmanabha trivandrum

Ananthapuram lake temple kasargod
Ananthapuram lake temple kasargod

Ananthapuram lake temple is an ancient vishnu temple located at small village ananthapuram in kasargod district,everybody knows about sreepadmanabha temple at trivandrum, but the interesting thing is the origin of sreepadmanabha is from here,the other fact is about a crocodile present in this lake,this crocodile is not harmful for for humans because it is only vegetarian it eats the offerings from the devotees.

mythology says that the brahmin sage villwamangam performing pooja during this time a small boy arrived there the sage feel very pity to him,he allowed him to stay there but his condition whenever he feels humiliated he will leave the place at once,one day the boy irritated him very much in the pooja timings,the sage pull the boy and he disappeared through the cave in the lake,it says that the crocodile is performing the guardian to him.finally villwamangam realized it was god vishnu and the cave end to sree padmanabha temple at trivandrum and lord vishnu seated there.

The temple is built in kerala architecture,the wood carvings seen in the top of the mandapam,these carvings adopted the incidents from stories of dasavathara and also paintings from dasavathara is present here,the nine planets are painted at the muktha mandapam.the dwarapalakas carved beautifully at the both ends of sreekovil.the temple is opens all devotees without considering the caste or religion.the main festival of the temple is annual festival celebration.

The temple timings start from 5.30 am in the morning to 12.30 pm the evening rituals conduct on 5.30 to 7.30 pm.the nearest major railway station is kasargode with distance of 14 km on kannur madhur road,the nearest airports are Mangalore Airport (Karnataka), about 56 km from; Calicut International Airport, about 222 km,there are plenty bus services available to reach this temple from kasargod.The District Tourism Promotion Council has plans to preserve the temple and its surroundings.

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