List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Anchumana temple, famous for worshiping the three forms of goddess durga

popular for conducting vivaha sooktha pushpanjali – Anchumana temple

A temple which has three equal prime deities in the sanctum, anchumana temple is an example of such type of installation. goddess sakthi is placed here in three different forms as sree bhuvaneswari, annapoorneswari and bhadra kali. except the prime deity the installation of sub deities is also exist in the temple compound. anchumana temple located on NH 47 at padivattam, idappli in ernakulam district. Tuesday and friday are the holidays belonged to the kovil and there are lot of devotees headed to the spot during these days. monday is very special day for goddess annapoorna on that day girls making strong pray to goddess to having a best marriage life by offering vivaha sooktha pushpanjali.

There are thousands of devotees headed to anchumana to experience the blessings of tri deity. sri bhuvaneswari is referred as the mother of universe who blesses her devotees with strong protection and prosperity. sree annapoorneswari bless her children with meals every day and happy life, annapoorneswari is the name for denote the lord of richness in food. goddess bharakali is the furious incarnation of durga protect her child from negative forces. ganapthy, ayyappa, subrahmanya, hidumba swami, hanuman ad some tribal spirits are the sub deities of anchumana temple.

Anchumana temple ernakulam
Anchumana temple ernakulam

Anchumana is also famous for hosting festivals, some important events takes place at anchumana temple are chingam, navarathri, mandalakalam, hrishi panchami etc. these all are celebrated in a grand way. one of the notable event at anchumana is the thalappoli festival during mandalakalam. the procession of deity is the main ceremony followed by elephants. it will easy to locate at spot, frequent bus services are avilable from the nearest bus stand at ernakulam. edpalli is the nearest rail head located only at a distance of 2 km. the closest airport also in the same district which is cochin international at a distance of 24 km.

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