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Arangulanathar temple , lord shiva as natarajar with consort periya nayagi

Festivals mythology and location information – arangulanathar temple

Arangulanathar temple is popular pilgrim center located at arangulam in tamilnadu. lord shiva with his consort ambal is the prime deity of the temple. lord shiva in the temple worshiped in the form of nataraja, hat means the shrine of dance. this is one of the ancient temples in south India. it was built during the age of chola dynasty, it is believed that the presiding deity in the linga form is self manifested one, which is termed as swayambhu linga. the village got this name by the presence of the temple and hence the village called arangulam.

there was a great devotee of lord shiva lived in this place, one day she reached here with her parents suddenly she became disappeared after that every body heard the message of her through sound in air, she was with nata raja. villagers became amazed by this experience they made a separate installation for placing ambika ambal as periya nayagi. goddess periya nayagi is considered as a very powerful shrine at arangulanathar temple, there are thousands of devotees headed to the temple for praying to goddess. the structure of temple is also a notable one, huge raja gopurams, mandapas and wonderful wood carvings also at the temple.

Arangulanathar temple thiruvangulam
Arangulanathar temple thiruvangulam

Lord ganesha is another sub deity which is called porpanai ganesha. the idol of nataraja is very beautiful one its blue print kept the national museum at new Delhi. adi festival and vaigasi festival are the two main festivals that celebrate at a grand way in the temple. holy marriage ceremony conducting along with 10 day car festival. it will easy to locate at arangulanathar temple, the nearest bus terminal is thiruvarangulam with walk able distance. pudukkottai is the nearest rail head at a distance of 7 km. Trichy is the nearest airport at a distance of 60 km.

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