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Aryankavu sastha temple, located at eastern forest region- pancha sthala

Location information and mythological view – Aryankavu sastha temple

Aryankavu sastha kshethram is located at the border of kerala and tamilnadu states which situated at the eastern direction of kollam, aryankavu sastha temple has equal prominence as sabarimala because it considered as one of the holy place among five in this region, they termed as pancha sastha sthalams. it also referred as one among the 108 sastha temple. as same in sabarimala temple holds eighteen steps for the entry to the sanctum. in old days it was strictly prohibited the entry of women in age between ten and fifty. it lies in the eastern forest regions of structure follows the style of both kerala and tamil architecture.

The installation of sastha in aryankavu sastha kshethram is very unique one, it placed on elephant as small boy. his consort prabha and lord shiva are also installed in both sides of him. it also shows the reassembles to the tradition of tamil rituals. there are some tribal sub deities including karuppa swami, valiya kadutha and karuppiyamma, which are placed at the foot of holy steps to the entrance of the temple. the place where the temple situated is the combo of two words aryan and kavu which means deity sastha and mangrove respectively, which is together means the place for worship lord ayyappa.

Aryankavu sastha temple
Aryankavu sastha temple

Mandalapooja is the most important festival in aryankavu sastha temple, which is same as in the season of sabarimala. thirukalyanam is the annual festival says about the holy marriage of lord sastha, according to the legends tit was the plcae where sastha committed the marriage with pushkala. on the tenth day of Malayalam month dhanu, it celebrates thirukalyanam festival in a grand way. aryankavu sastha temple lies in kollam thenkasi highway, it located 31 km from punalur and 11 from thenkasi. the neaest rai head at chengottai a a distance of 17 km. the nearest airport is trivandrum is about 85 km from spot.

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