List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Badrinath temple utharakhand – dedication to vishnu as badrinarayana

Badrinath temple or badrinarayanan swami temple

Badrinath temple uttarakhand
Badrinath temple uttarakhand

Badrinath temple is a major vishnu temple in india located at utharakhand is open for the six months only that is in the end of april and beginning of november because of the climate in himalayas.the principal deity is vishnu worshiped in the form of badrinaraya the idol is a black stone statue with 1m height.the temple is located at the banks of the river alakananda,it is believed badrinath installed as a pilgrim center by adi sankara in ninth century,the image of the badrinath also invented by sankara from alakananda river.during 17th century the temple maintained by kings of garhwal. utharakhand government declared the temple and surrounding place as construction free area in is one of the char dham.

The nearest bus station is Badhrinath temple uttarakhand which connects other major cities of north india.there is not an airport in badri nath the nearest airport is then the dehrah dun airport which is 261 km away from here. the railway station close to the temple is Badhrinath temple uttarakhand with a distance 154 km.uncountable number of pilgrimages reach here during the season from april to november.

The temple is opens from 4.00 am to 12.00 pm for morning rituals and evening poojas from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm.the important festivals takes place in the temple are mata murty ka mela this is a great dedication to river gamga.badri kedar festival is another festival hosts here together with kedarnath and which lasts for 8 days. akhanda jyothy is a specialty of this temple,this lamp remains still when temple opens after the winter break.birthday of lord krishna known as janmashtami which celebrated very well in this temple.
There is some strict rules following for the entry to temple,there is a token system to entering in the temple from 2012,there is only 20 second allowed for a devotee to see the supreme deity.identity proof is must have for the entry.

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