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Bimala temple oddisha, one among the five sakthi pithas for goddess durga

pooja timings and transportation – Bimala temple puri temple

Bimala temple is one of the main sakthi peethams among the five of them, sakthi peethams are the special place to worship goddess durga in its previous form called sati devi. according to Hindu mythology goddess sati was the consort of lord shiva, she became committed to the suicide by the after effect of daksha yaga, it says that her body parts fell into the different parts of earth and they are termed as sakthi peethams. except the main five sakthi peethams there are total 54 sakthi peethams are exist. bimala mandir located very adjacent to puri jagannath mandir, it is a world famous temple commonly known as white pagoda.

Bimala temple made of sand stone and laterite, the prime deity facing to the east direction. brahmi, vaishnavi, varahi, chamunda, kaumari, maheswari are the main sub deities exist in bimala temple at puri. it located in the south west corner of inner enclosure of puri jagannath kshethra. the sacred water source is called rohini kund which is also close to puri jagannatha. it built by following deula style of architecture. pabhaga, talajangha, upara jangha, baranda are the five divisions of the outer wall. rekha deula is the name of the vimana that is a very huge structure and the temple hall is called mukthi mandapa.

Bimala temple oddisha pooja offerings
Bimala temple oddisha pooja offerings

Durga pooja is the main ritual host in the bimala temple oddisha, that usually falls either on September or October which lasts for 16 days, this be considered as the main event host here. navrathri is celebrated in a grand way as usually in all durga temple lasts for nine days. it will easy to connect to the destination, there are frequent buses available to puri. the nearest rail head is also at puri. bhuvaneswar is the closest airport at a distance of 56 km away.

temple timings:- 5.00 am to 12 midnight.

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