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Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani – spectacular treat with kettukazhcha and kuthiyottam

2018 Date Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani Festival is 22nd February 2018

Chettikulangara devi temple is one of the ancient temple in kerala it is about 1200 years old, Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani is one of the main festivals. the temple showing the traditional style of kerala architecture. it is believed that the temple was established by lord parasurama and this is one of the 108 durga temples installed by lord parasurama. there is an interesting thing about the rituals for three forms off durga, in morning cherupayasam prepared in morning for mahaswraswathy, palpayasam offered for mahalakshmi and neypayasam for mahakali. chettikulanagara bharani is the annual event that usually falls in malayalam month kumbham. and hence it also known as kumbha bharani.

Kettukazhcha and kuthiyottam are the star attraction of the festival. kettukazhcha is the spectacular view that mainly aims the making of big bulls. they are very big in size which made by the participation of the villagers. there are 13 villages belong to the temple, all of them are take part in the making of big bulls. every bulls has a height about 100 feet which accompanied by the playing of folk music. Chettikulangara kettukazhcha consists of six huge and heavily decorated temple cars known as kuthira or horse, five smaller temple cars known Theru (Chariots) and effigies of Bhima, Hanuman and Panchali. there is no doubt in this is one of the grandest and colorful festival in southern kerala

Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani Festival Date
Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani Festival Date

Kuthiyottam is a main offering to goddess especially during the festival season, adult boys are the participators of kuthiyottam, they do some steps followed by the music. they dance to the music of kuthiyottam in front of the sanctum sanatorium which dedicate to goddess kali. bharani day is the last day of annual festival that annually holds. chettikulanagara bharani is one of the colorful festival that got the world attention by its cultural importance. this festival is under the consideration of UNESCO by its cultural status.

2018 chettikulangara bharani date:- 22 February , Thursday.

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