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Events of chakkulathukavu annual festival, core part of festival- event date

What are the main events hosts in chakkulathukavu during the festival days

Chakkulathukavu annual festival is the most celebrated temple festival in alappuzha, the festival falls in the end of malayalam month vrichikam and the beginning of dhanu. 12 mahotsavam and the ponkala are the mass events here, except the ponkala there will be other rituals and art performances are held as the events of chakkulathukavu annual festival. on november 26, sunday there will be start the temple festivals after hoisting the temple flag this is called karthika sthambham. it will be conduct on morning 5.30. on the first day there will be declaration about the ponkala which is known as ponkala vilambaram. on the day of ponkala(december 3, sunday), after the rituals ponkala lamp created by the chief guest, at the same time devotees also start the event of ponkala.

On 3 december a conference will be host at the temple, dharma chintha mani sree kumar pillai is the chief guest of 2017 ponkala ceremony. a cultural meeting will be also host at the temple on december 3 sunday. after that karthika sthabham firing event conduct in a grand way. karthika sthambham is considered as the symbol of negative things, it is a wood pillar making with old cloths and other raw materials, all wearing dress throughout the year of goddess bhgavathy called udayada, that also will covering it to fire.this is the rituals of defeating the worse by the better thing, on the time of this event, temple and surroundings become more attractive by the light of deepasthambham.

chakkulathukavu annual festival
chakkulathukavu annual festival

Nareepooja is one of the events of chakkulathukavu takes place in the temple which is a unique feature of chakkulathukavu, that symbolize how respect the women in the world, on the day of nareepooja a lady will take part in as the participant of the event, the main priest wash her legs and place her on a chair. 2017 naree pooja will conduct 22 December,friday.

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