List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Gollalamamidada Rama Temple, a popular sreerama temple at kakkinada

Gollalamamidada Rama Temple, dedicate to rama, mother sita and lakshmana

Gollalamamidada Rama Temple is popular pilgrim center of Andhra pradesh state at east godavari district. Gollalamamidada Rama Temple is also known as gopurala temple is a famous rama temple. Gollalamamidada Rama Temple located at the banks of thulyabhaga river. the huge templ architecture is sprwling an area about 16 acres, the temple is served as a holy pilgrim center on the last 100 years. the temple is located at a distance of 20 km from kakkinada.

Gollalamamidada Rama Temple kakkinada
Gollalamamidada Rama Temple kakkinada

the gopuram is the star highlight of the temple, which is about 170 feet high. lord rama is the prime deity of the temple, except the prime deity mother sita, lakshmana are the sub deities. there are beautiful sculptures of the characters from ramayana which shown in the temple. ramayana is the great epic ever in India which written by Vathmiki.

Lord rama is the incarnation of mahavishnu, on earth to maintain the peace and killing the cruel demon ravana. rama is the seventh incarnation of lord vishnu, it is believed that lakshmana is anantha which is the snake of 1000 heads lord vishnu which always with vishnu at vaikunda. Gollalamamidada Rama Temple is famous for celebrating sree rama navami jayanthi, the festival celebrates at a grand way at the temple, the holy marriage of lord rama and sita is another festival celebrated at the temple which usually falls in april.

The Gollalamamidada Rama Temple is not an ancient one it was built on 1889, it was built by Dwarampudi Subbi Reddy and Rama Reddy. the national highway 214 connects to other cities from the temple, it is easy to focus at temple from Kakkinada. kakkianda is also the nearest rail head located at a distance of 24 km. the closest airport is focused at rajamudri which is about 89 km from the destination.

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