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Guddattu mahaganapathy temple, main shrine installed in a water source

Guddattu mahaganapathy temple, lord vinayaka as jaladhivasa form in the cave

Guddattu is a small village in uduppi district of Karnataka state. Guddattu mahaganapathy temple is the main pilgrim center at uduppi which has a unique feature compared to the other ganapathy kshethrams in india, that is the main shrine lord vinayaka in the jaladhivasa form. it says that the temple deity is a self manifested one.guddattu mahaganapathy temple surrounded by the green lush and its scenic beauty. the temple locates on the hill top. there was a rock at the foot of the hill which looks like the sleeping elephant. there is not the evidence about the origin of the temple. this is very ancient one.

According to hindu mythology it says that lord ganapathy was posted here in the water source named narasimha theertha by the advice of his father lord shiva. the idol of main deity is huge one in balck stone, which installed in the water source of the cave here. the water level will always still remaining in the neck level of the idol. there are special poojas except the daily poojas, they are Ayar koda seva, Tailabhyanjana, Panchamrutha, Rudrabhisheka. the unique feature about the poojas takes place here, rudrabhisheka only hosts in the Shiva temples, but it also hosts here.

Guddattu mahaganapathy temple
Guddattu mahaganapathy temple

There is yagasala made and open for the guddattu mahaganapathy temple since 2010. the prime deity is in sitting posture which is about 3 feet high which is two handed one holding modaka and lotus on two hands. vinayaka chathurthy is the main festival hosts here. there is well transportation facilities through road from uduppi to other places. but it will hard to reach at the temple, people can choose private vehicles to reach here. the nearest rail head is at uduppi is about 15 km. the nearest airport is mangalore at a distance of 83 km.

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