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Guruvayoor anayottam, initial mark of conducting the colorful annual festival

Guruvayoor anayottam – core part of annual festival, 2018 date

Guruvayoor sri krishna temple is famous for one of the main krishna temples in kerala, which is also rich for conducting festivals. guruvayoor sri krishna temple also known as dakshina dwaraka. temple festival at guruvayoor usually falls in malayalam month kumbham which may be in february or march. guruvayoor anayottam is a popular temple event hist here along with main festival annually. guruvayoor anayottam is also known as elephant race. the race will be conducted on the first day of temple festival at guruvayoor. the annual festival lasts for 10 days which concluded by the arattu ceremony on the last day .

Guruvayoor anayottam is actually a race among the elephants as the name suggests, as usual races the elephant which initially reach at the destination point will be the winner. the winner of anayottam event get the great blessing of lord guruvayoorappan because the winner does not gain any prize moneys after the race, the winner only got the opportunity to bring the thidambu. thidambu is the idol of lord krishna which carried out from the temple for the procession. the race start at the manjula aal at east nada of guruvayoor temple and ends inside the temple. according to the hindu legends elephants has a great prominence in temple festivals.

Guruvayoor anayottam date
Guruvayoor anayottam date

There is about half km from manjula aal to temple compound set up for the race. there are thousands of peoples headed to temple compound to experience such a wonderful event. both sides of the race path strictly barricaded by the ropes. anayottam is the symbol beginning the annua; festival at guruvayoor temple. anayottam is an event at guruvayoor sri krishna temple for the initiation of the great and colorful festival at this blessed earth. The anayottam commemorates the belief that elephants came from Thrikkana Mathilakam to Guruvayur when Kochi rulers refused to send elephants for the festival.

Guruvayor anayottam 2018 date:- 27 February,Tuesday

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