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Kaal bhairav temple varanasi – location, timings and history

Kaal bhairav temple varnasi, the god of death and faith

kaal bhairav temple
kaal bhairav temple

Kaal bhairav temple is an ancient shiva temple dedicate to lord shiva at varanasi of Uttarpradesh state. it is believed that the temple was built in 17th century but the actual origin of the story is unknown.n lord shiva is worshiped as kal bhairav. the actual location of the temple is at Vishweshwarganj. the principal deity is lord shiva which is installed in a roudra posture(fiercest form). the prime deity is installed with silver statue, it is believed that the dog are the vahana of bhairava. the garland of the deity is not with flowers it installed by the skulls in the hand of prime deity.

The story behind the kal bhairav temple, according hindu legends great saints went to the Sumeru Mountain in order to know from Lord Brahma that who is eternal and supreme power. lord Brahma says that he was the superior person. but lord vishnu became disagree with brahma. they are finally decide to ask all vedas, but the four vedas are concluded that lord shiva is the supreme deity brahma and vishnu became laugh about the vedas, then lord shiva became a powerful shine there, lord brahma angered to shiva by his 5th head, lord shiva created a a new being known as kal bhairav.

kal bhairav plucked the burning head of brahma. the shine of kaal bhairav still forever in kashi to solve the all sines of the devotees. Kal bhairav means both death and faith the pooja timings of kal bhairav temple start from morning 5’o clock to 1.30 pm. and evening poojas are takes place from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm. varanasi is the nerest major city which connects to other cities by buses and trains, you can choose rikshaws or taxis to reach at temple, otherwise it will better to choose a guide as a better option.

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