List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Kadambuzha devi temple, poomoodal and muttarukkal are the main offerings

Godeess parvathy as kiratha from without an idol- kadambuzha devi temple

Kadambuzha is a small village near kutippuram in malappuram district where the popular devi temple located. kadambuzha devi temple is one of the oldest kshethra in the district. the principal deity is goddess parvathy worshiped in the form of kiratha parvathy which is the tribal incarnation of goddess parvathy. the unique feature of this kovil is the absence of an idol and which is more famous by this uniqueness. there is a hole at the temple it is believed that this is the place where goddess parvathy made darshan with sri shankaracharya before she disappeared.

Kadambuzha devi temple
Kadambuzha devi temple

Special poojas are performed at the hole of the temple and considered as a holy place. according to the hindu hindu mythology it says that the hole was made by lord shiva by his arrow. poomoodal is the main offering performed at kadambuzha devi temple, this is the process of offering red colored thechi flowers to the deity. red colored flowers are always favorite for goddess durga. muttarukkal is another main offering, this for fulfill the ambition of devotee after perform muttarukkal, which performed by breaking the coconuts. plastics are strictly prohibited inside the temple and compound.

Thrikkarthika is the main festival day at kadambuzha devi temple, karthika day of vrichikam month celebrated as the prathishta day of kshethra. on that day it become more blessed with karthika deepam lightning. special poojas performed on thrikarthika day also prasadam oottu. srimad bhagavath sapthaha yankjam is the annual process of chanting bhagvatham with special poojas lasts for seven days which usually falls in thulam or vrichikam in every year. kuttipuram is the nearest bus terminal at a distance of 13 km. tirur and kuttipuram are the nearest rail heads with distances 13 and 16 km respectively. calicut international airport is the closest airport at a distance of 42 km.

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