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Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal Temple, dedicate to lord vishnu without idol

Location information and festivals at Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal Temple

Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal kovil is a popular vishnu temple located at ariyalur. this is a very special place for installing lord vishnu without any physical form. sri devi and bhoomi devi are the consorts of lord vishnu installed here. this is one of the ancient temples in south india which is about 500 years old. there is no idols present in the sanctum for worship lord vishnu. as perumal is the prime deity there is only a 12 feet post in the temple for worship perumal. there are beautiful sculptures are seen in the mandapam of the temple, it adopted the story from the ten incarnation of lord vishnu.

Mahalingmaram is the sacred tree of Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal kovil which exist in the temple compound located adjacent to the sanctum. the feature of the temple is it do not conduct marriages, but ear boring ceremonies are only the event host here. 12 feet tall post holding by sri anjaneya as the prime deity worshiped here. chitirai new year festival is the most celebrated festival in the temple which usually falls in april in gregorian calendar. akshaya thritheeya and chithirai full moon day are also0 falls in tamil month chithiari, both are celebrating in a grand way.

Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal Temple
Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal Temple

Birth day of lord krishna as janmashtami this is known as vinayaka chathurthy for lord ganesh, these two are falls in september. procession of deity in the chariot is termed as car festival. mainly car festival belongs to brahmotsavam.daily rituals performed here according to the vedic rules on the post. purtai sunday is the special day at Kaliyuga Varadharaja Perumal kovil. ariyalur is the nearest city to the temple which is 6km away from the temple and there are frequent bus services available from here to temple and other cities. the nearest rail head located also at ariyalur.

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