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Kamakhya temple, main sakthi pith in india near nilanchal hills – guwahati

Kamakhya temple, goddess kamakhya as main deity along with ten mahavidyas

Kamakhya temple is one of the important pilgrim center for worshiping goddess sakthi, and also the main sakthi pithas in india among 51 of them. it located near nilanchal hills near guwahati and in Assam. kamakhya temple is also known as kamrup kamakhya, because Assam was early known ass kamroop. except the main deity sakthi there are separate places exist in the temple complex dedicate to ten maha vidyas. thi is also popular as one of the ancient temples in india. it was built during 8th century during the period of mleccha dynasty. the architecture of kamakhya temple reflects the intelligence of nilachal’s.

Kaamakhya temple showing the great structure including monuments and small temples, there are total six temples and six monuments exist in the vast structure. the current structure of the temple is in hemispherical shape. according to hindu mythology it closely associate with shiva and sati. after the death of sati lord shiva started tandava with the dead body of sati, lord vishnu destructed the body to different parts for solve this crisis. this is the place where the yoni part of sati was fallen. kaamakhya temple was attacked by Muslim emperors which maintained during the middle of 16th century.

Kamakhya temple assam
Kamakhya temple assam

Garbhagriha is the main sanctum which placed at underground, which is in the shape of an octagon. calanta is square shaped camber with the moving idols of lords and goddesses. this cave is also rich with inscriptions on the walls of it. this mandir is famous for celebrating ambubachi festival, this is for celebrate the menstruation period of goddess, during this time normal pooja schedules will resumed. kamakhya temple can be accessible from any parts of guwahati by private vehicle services.gopinath bardoli airport is the closest airport from kamakhya temple at a distance of 18 km. the nearest rail head to kamkhya temple is Guwahati and is about 18 km away from the spot.

Temple timings:- 8.00 am to 5.30 pm

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