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Kettumurukku ceremony, an essential part before the journey to sabarimala

kettumurukku, event for conducting the rituals for the visit to sabarimala

sabarimala is the most visited pilgrim center by the devotees from all over the world. there are many procedures to follow before visiting sabarimala. the devotees must follow great penance to visit sabarimala. the first step of the procedure is wearing the mala. called malayidal it will be wear after by take the rituals from the nearest temple and wear the mala. after wearing the mala the devotee is called swami. so others must respect the followings of swami and care them as lord ayyappa. devotees can choose the penance how long. how ever many of them follows little days. some of them follows the penance for 41 days. this is the great mandala kala vratham. pilgrims start the journey after the event kettumurukku.

During the day of visit to sabrimala, the devotee take the rituals before visit sannidhanam, this procedure is called kettumurukku, this ceremony either host at there own home or host at the temple. the devotee who is to visit first time at sabarimala, they are called kanni ayyappa. the kanni ayyappa must give the meals for the other peoples known as annadhanam. kettumurukku ceremony for filling the irumudikettu. irumudikettu is the holy thing of the visit. a periya swami, who is the experienced man at sabarimala give the leadership for the rituals. a coconut which filled with ghee called ney thenga. this is the main thing of irumudikettu filling.

sabarimala kettumurukku ceremony
sabarimala kettumurukku ceremony

Saranam vili are the highlight of kettumurukku, these are the chanting the hymens of lord ayyappa loudly. other devotees from the nearest places reach at the event to chanting the ayyappa hymens. this lasts for minutes and hours. after filling the irumudikettu, the procedures will complete. the next is to start the pilgrim to the destination. the last step of the ceremony is breaking a coconut on a stone by great force. then start the journey to sabarimala.

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