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kodal azhagar temple, the only place which lord vishnu in unique three postures

kodal azhagar temple – significance, pooja timing and location

Kodal azhagar temple is one of the ancient temple in south India, dedicate to lord vishnu. the temple located at madurai city of tamilnadu state, which is an exact example of dravidan style of architecture, such a wonderful creation contributed by pandyas and there are some modifications added by vijayanagara emperors. the prime deity of the temple is lord vishnu commonly known as the god of maintenance of the world with his consort lakshmi devi they worshiped in the temple as koodal azhagar and mathuravalli respectively.

the significance of the temple this is one of the 108 divyadesams of lord vishnu. th etemple is spread an area about two acres, the gateway is the star attraction of the structure which is 125 feet high and five tiered architecture. The unique feature about the temple is the main deity is presiding in various forms like sitting, standing and sleeping postures. this temple has great place in four yugas.

lord vishnu blesses thee the devotees in his sitting posture in the first sanctum sanatorium, the second sanctum enables lord vishnu in sitting posture and in the third the deity in sleeping posture. the prime deity lord vishnu known as abhaya thirukarathan for the devotees There are daily 6 rituals takes place in the temple, chithirai month ten days festival is the mass festival of the temple which followed by the thiruvathira day of the month,thai festival and mashi festivals are the other events.

kodal azhagar temple located in maduari
kodal azhagar temple located in maduari

kadahli is the temple tree that exist in the compound of koodal azhagar temple. hemapushkarani is the holy water which belongs to the temple. the temple timings start at 5.30 am am till 12.30 am for morning rituals and evening rituals is from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Madurai is the nearest city to the kodal azhagar temple at a distance of 2 km having the high facilities of transportation including bus, train and flight.

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