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konark sun temple oddisha – a real wondering architecture by the kalinga

Konark sun temple ,worship to surya

Konark Sun Temple Odisha
Konark Sun Temple Odisha

Konark sun temple is one of the rare temple worship to god sun in india,the temple is located in oddisha.this is commonly known as black pagoda because of its color.the temple was built in 13th century by the king narasimha deva I of eastern gamga ruler.the temple is listed under the list of world heritage by UNESCO in 1984, and also it placed in the seven wonders of india.the temple with three images of god sun to absorb during morning, noon and evening.the temple is built in the form of chariot,the architecture adopt from kalinga architecture.there are two small temples together with it, one is dedicated for mayadevi at the southwest direction of the main temple, the deity is one of the wives of god sun.the next is worship to vishnu.

according to hindu legend the king samba affected by leprosy, it was the curse of lord krishna,the only solution was worshiping the sun to relief, he reached at the north west direction of puri, he worshiped surya and cured from the disease.the entire temple is made in the form of golden chariot of sun with 24 wheels, each wheel has about 10 feet horses drag the temple, and two lions for welcoming at the entrance.such a wonderful architecture cannot be seen any other places.

Surya pooja mahotsavam is the important festival hosts here, surya poooja can be seen from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm on every day during the festival. the konark temple still opens for the devotees from morning 6 to 8.00 pm. there are many comfortable services for arrive here, it is easy to reach the temple. if you choose road konark is the nearest bus station. puri is the nearest railway station from the temple which is 31 km services are avilable from the station to konark temle. bhuvaneswar is the main airport with distance 64 km and which connects the other main cities of india.

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