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koodalmanikyam bharata temple irinjalakkuda – one of the four temple in kerala

koddalmanikyam bharata temple,soul of nalambalam

koddalmanikyam bharata temple
koddalmanikyam bharata temple

koodalmanikyam is an ancient hindu temple located at irinjalakkuda at thrissur is one of the temples in the group of nalambalam,nalambalam journey is conducted during malayalam month karkkidakam and ramayanam recitation occurred in this month,the nalambalam journey remembers the story of ramayana and devotees visit these four temples mainly during this month.Lakshmana is the brother of god rama,lakshmana is the worshiped says that lakshmana  is really snake anantha who always belong to god vishnu in vaikundam.the unique peculiarity of the temple it is the only temple worshiping  bharata as principal deity.

Thriputhari is one of the major festivals host in this temple on thiruvathira day in malayalam month thulam,it is the feasting of newly harvested rice to the deity and then served for the devotees,the day after this festival the next is proceed that is the mukkudi offering,it is an ayurvedic mixture.  The Annual Festival of the Temple conducted 11 days in April-May whch falls in medam in malayalam month,is one of the famous festival in Kerala.   The festival starts one day after the famous Thrissur Pooram and comes to a close on the next Thiruvonam day. the specialty of the temple is  Brahmakalasam strictly following the Vedic and Tantric rituals are offered to the deity on 11 days in connection with the Festival. there are lot of people coming from the different places in kerala to join this festival.

Pooja timings start from 3.30 am to 11.30 am for morning rituals and evening pooja is from 5 pm to 8.30 pm.Irinjalakuda is 18 Km west of Chalakudy in NH 47 and 9 Km East of Moonnupeedika in NH 17.  It is 23 Km south of Thrissur and 16 Km north of Kodungallur. .irinjalakkuda is the nearest railway station close to this temple with a distance 10 km and major station is thrissur is about 22 km address  is The Administrator, Koodalmanikyam Devasom, Trissur District, Irinjalakuda, Kerala 680121

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