List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Kottilingeshwara temple, tallest shiva linga in the world located near to kolar

Kottilingeshwara temple, popular and largest shiva temple in south india

Kottilingeshwara is the name became popular by the establishment of shiva temple, which is commonly known as kottilingeshwara temple. the idol of lord shiva as shiva lingam placed in the kovil is considered as highest shiva linga in Asia which is about 33 meter high. as in the same way idol of nandikesha also established faced to sanctum and with huge structure. there are also numerous small shiva lingas seen inside the temple compound. except shiva lingas and nandikesha there are also place for goddess including annapoorneswari, karumari amma, sita etc. there are thousands of peoples visit at kottilingeshwara not only for spiritual experience but also to visit the largest idol in asia.

Kottilingeshwara temple located near to kolar in Karnataka state. Government of Karnataka declared this place as a tourist spot, so that it got more tourist attraction. this is not an ancient temple the first shiva linga t this place was established on 1980. daily poojas performed on all shiva lingas established here. a huge meditation hall at the location is a notable one at this place and many peoples headed to this place for experiencing pleasant feel. unmarried girls pray to the deity for achieving a best life partner by the blessings of lord shiva. sub shrines at the kovil are venkataramani swami, rama and lakshmana, anjaneya, ganapathy etc.

Kottilingeshwara temple
Kottilingeshwara temple

Shivarathri is the festival day which is got more attention than other days. kottilingeshwara temple is agreat platform to conducting marriages with high facilities at the kovil. devotees can establish shiva linga at the rate of 8000 rupee. kolar is the nearest airport located at a distance of 31 km from the spot. kolar and hubli are the nearest rail heads easily accessible from kovil. bus services are easily available from bengarpet bus station.

temple timings:- 6.00 am to 6.00 pm

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