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Kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam – a symbol of representing great kerala tradition

oldest folk dance form in north kerala – Kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam 2018

Kuttikkol thampuratty temple is famous for conducting kerala’s more important folk art form theyyam, which is the natural art form in the state which has a prominent place in the culture of kerala. kuttikkol thampuratty temple located in kasargode, however kannur district is commonly known as the place of theyyams. this rituals form is seen very commonly north kerala especially in the festival; season at malabar. this art form deals with music and dance. the materials used for the make up is exactly from the natural sources. kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam lasts for four days. theyyam sis also known as kaliyattam.

Kuttikkol thapuratty theyyam usually conducts on malayalam month kumbham and from 22nd february to 26th every year. kuttikkol thampuratty temple located erihinipuzha in kasargod district. there are different types of theyyams which presented during the festival season. lot of foreigners reached here to know more about theyyams and kerala folk art forms. chenda, ilathalam, veekkuchenda and kurumkuzhal are the musical instruments using in theyyam performance. theyyam is one of the oldest folk dance forms in kerala. more than 400 theyyams usually seen in kerala it maybe varied by its choreography,characters and music.

Kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam date
Kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam date

Several theyyam performances takes place according to its character, all of them dedicated to goddess kali. raktha chamundi, muchilettu bhagvathy are only few among them. kuttikkol thampuratty is about 28 km away from kasargode. this is one of the crowded events in north kerala. theyyam performers focused after wearing the make up and some traditional set up needed for this. its overall structure is red in color. kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam is the great symbol of worshiping goddess kali in north kerala and it has great tradition. this is one of the oldest dance forms in kerala.

2018 kuttikkol thampuratty theyyam:- 22 february thursday to 26 february

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