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Lepakshi veerabhadra temple, The magical view of dravidan architecture

Lepakshi veerabhadra temple, the explanation of temple structure and location

Lepakshi veerabhadra temple is a magical exploration of dravidan architecture in Andhra Pradesh. this is one of the ancient temples in south India which built on 12th century. this is one of the ancient temples in India and is about 500 years old. the star attraction of the temple structure is about the mandapam that for dance hall with 100 pillars . the temple is a best example for the rich tradition of India in old days, this is the remaining evidences of our rich heritage, Lepakshi veerabhadra temple hosts the carvings, paintings and ceilings etc.

Lepakshi veerabhadra temple located in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh state. the temple is dedicated to veerabhadra swami, except the prime deity there will be separate shrines for shiva, vishnu, lakshmi and surya. there is a statue of nandi which installed in front of the temple, the nandi statue is about 200 meters far from the sanctum. an unfinished wedding hall are also hosts along with the temple. A monolithic naga idol is another attraction of the temple which located about 12 feet high.

there is no words to explain the carvings of the temple, which follows the exact virginity of vijayanagar style of architecture. the main idol of veerabadra swami is decorated with the skulls. there are separate shrines for lord shiva and his consort parvathy at eastern direction to the temple complex. as per hindu mythology the most of the incidents happened at this place after kidnapping sita. the temple has the footprints of mother sita. Hindupur is the nearest city to the temple which connects to the temple by buses. the nearest railway station is also at hindupur which is about 12 km from the temple. banglore international airport is the nearest closest airport at a distance of 100 km.

Lepakshi Veerabhadra temple Andhra Pradesh
Lepakshi Veerabhadra temple Andhra Pradesh

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