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lingaraj bhuvaneswar, famous for celebrating chariot festival – asokashtami

Lingaraj bhuvaneswar, location information and entry details

Lingaraj bhuvaneswar is a shiva temple is one of the ancient hindu temples in india which located at bhuvaneswar of oddisha state. lingaraj bhuvaneswar was followed a kalinga style of architecture, it says that the temple structure was built in 11th CE, it is very huge one in its size which is about 55 meter tall. oddisha is famous for the temple structure and its heritage, black pagoda konark, white pagoda puri and lingaraj bhuvaneswar are the most famous temples in oddisha. bindu saras lake is located very close to the temple. there are also many sub shrines located inside the courtyard of the temple

According to hindu mythology, goddess parvathy born as cowherd lady on earth, it was she determined to care this city herself. at the same time there was two cruel demons kritti and vasa determined to marry her, she forward a demanded them to carry her upon their shoulders, she crushed them by her weight, then lord shiva made bindu saras to quench her thirst. shivalinga in the sanctum sanatorium is a huge one. ashokashtami chariot festival is the popular festival at lingaraj bhuvaneswar. which is the procession of carrying out the image of lord shiva on a chariot. ashokashtami festival usually falls in march month.

lingaraj bhuvaneswar
lingaraj bhuvaneswar

Mahashivarathri festival is also a grand festival at lingaraj brihadeswar. chandan yathra or the sandal journey is another temple festival celebrated here annually which falls in may. lingaraja temple is open all days from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm. march to april is the best time to visit lingaraja temple. bhuvaneswar is located 6 km from the destination it has the nearest rail head. the nearest bus station is at bermunda in bhuvanneswar. biju panaik international airport is the nearest airport which is about 6 km from temple.

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