List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Sri loganatha perumal temple, one of pancha kannan temples in Tamil Nadu

Loganatha perumal kovil, one of the main vaishnavite shrine near nagapattanam

Loganatha perumal kovil is one of the ancient temple located at sikkal in tamil. this ancient structure was built during the period of chola emperors is a main vishnu temple in south india. loganatha perumal kovil is the divya desams. lord vishnu is worshiped as logantha perumal and his consort as loganayaki. it built by following dravida style of architecture. its an amazing contribution of chola dynasty and which extremely showing the example of dravida style and five tier rajagopuram. two pillars named mukha mandapa and ardra mandapa which leads to the sanctum. inside the snctum sanatorium, it houses the image of lord vishnu in standing position and facing to eastern direction.

Loganatha perumal kovil is one among the panchakannan kshethrams. Rajagopuram is very huge structure, temple tank is located inside the temple complex which is called saravana pushkarni. loganayaki, garuda are the main sub deities. the roof of the temple is called udbala vimanam. there are five daily rituals prformed in the temple. priests from the vaishnavaite community are appointed for performing the rituals as per vedic rules. sage vasishta was a great devotee of lord krishna, he made an idol of krishna by butter, by the devotion of vasishta, it was not melted. lord krishna blessed him there and stayed there.

Sri loganatha perumal temple
Sri loganatha perumal temple

Vaikunda ekadashi is the main festival as same in all vishnu temples which usually falls in december or january. chithirai utsavam and navarathri and two other main festivals. thiruneerani vizha is a festival which commonly host st shiva temples, but it also here. nagapattnam is the nearest bus stand which has a distance of 11 km. from nagapattnam it will connect to other main cities by road and rail. the nearest airport is located at trichy at a distance of 145 km

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