List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Lokanarkavu temple, ancient temple associate with kalarippayattu in malabar

lokanarkavu temple,dedicate to goddess durga at vadakara

lokanarkavu temple kozhikkodu
lokanarkavu temple kozhikkodu

Lokanarkavu temple is one of the ancient temples in kerala located at vadakara of kozhikode district, the temple has a prominent place in vadakkan pattu stories. The name lokanarkavu is originate from the name lokamalayar kavu in old days, but the name reduced as lokanarkavu. this is one of the important temples which worship the godess durga devi in north malabar region, the temple is also associated with the stories of the heroes and heroines in vadakkanpattu stories like thacholi othenan, chanthu, unni archa etc. these names are very familiar for all.

The temple is a good example for the ancient mural work and wood carvings. the principal deity is goddess durga is known as lokanarkavil amma for the locals, it is believed that the temple is 1500 years old. there are two idols of lord shiva and vishnu which worshiped in early days. The temple is pen daily at 4.00 am for morning rituals and till 9.00 am and evening rituals start from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm. this is the official temple of aryans whio migrated to kerala in 500 years back. pooram and the mandala ulsavam are the main festivals hosts here in every year.

Mandala ulsavam falls in malayalaam month vrichikam. pooram is the annual fest conducted in this temple which is in meenam month of malayalam. poorakkali is the unique feature of this temple compared to other temples of kerala. kalarippayattu is the martial art and cultural art of kerala which is close associate with this temple, peoples who practicing the kalarippayattu who reach here to have the blessings of goddess. lokanarkavu temple is located at memunda which is 6 km from vadakara. vadakara is the nearest railway station and the bus station at a distance of 6 km. calicut international airport is the closest airport from the destination is about 87 km.

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