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Mahanandi Temple kurnool Andhra Pradesh located at Nallamala Hills Regions

Mahanandi temple Kurnool, location information, deities and pooja timings

Mahanandi temple is located at Kurnool district of Andhra pradesh has a great significance for worship lord shiva and nine nandis which together called nava nandi, nandikesha is a bull, the vehicle of lord shiva. mahanadi is one of the nava nandis. the temple is located at the nallamala hill regions which surrounded with the dense forests, there are nine installations for navanandi around the nallamala hill region they are mahanandi, prathama nadi, naga nandi, soma nandi, surya nandi, vishnu nandi, vinayaka nandi, shiva nandi, garuda nandi. but mahanandi is the highly significant one. the temple is about 1500 year old one. the temple was built during the period of chalukyas by the king nandana in 10th century.

mahanandi temple kurnool
mahanandi temple kurnool

Mahanandi temple kurnool is rich with water sources of the surroundings there are many water streams like pools are also at the surroundings. there is a huge statue of the nandi installed at the entrance of the temple, this is one of the biggest statue of nandi in the world. There are many festivals hosts at the temple like mahasivarathri, karthika poornima, vaikunda ekadashi, ugadi. the dip at the holy mahanandi temple pushkarni which washes all the sins, which is one of the panchalingams called varuna lingam, the water level of the pushkarni rich with water all over the year.

Nandyal city is the nearest town from the temple. APSRTC provides services from nandyal to mahanandi temple kurnool. the nearest rail head is focused at Gajulappalli this is about 6 km from the temple. the nearest airport is at Hyderabad. the temple is open till 9.00 pm since morning 5.30 am. there are no well accommodation facilities are available at the destination because it lies in a thick forest, so you choose the staying facilities at Nandyal city.

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