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Mannarasala nagaraja temple, significance of mother priestess – valiya amma

Uma devi antharjanam, mother priestess of mannarasala nagaraja temple

Mannarasala nagaraja temple is the most famous serpant temple in india. the unique feature of the temple by worshiping the serpant as lord nagaraja and the rituals leaded by the elder lady of the temple belongs to the illam called valiya amma. according to the hindu mythology the temple was installed by lord parasurama and he appointed a brahmin for take part in the daily rituals but once the serpants in that forest were suffered by the forest fire, the brahmin lady belongs to the illam served them very well.

But the lady don’t have the child, lord nagarja blessed her to having the childs and he became baby of that lady. years later she gave the born to two child, one was human baby and other one was a serpant with five heads she served the both of them. years later serpant baby went the meditation to the nilavara of the illam. it says that still the nagaraja in the nilavara.The brahmin lady served as the great mother of the temple by the devotees that place followed by the elder brahmin ladies of the next generation of the illam. umadevi valiya antharjanam is the current holy mother of the temple. on the special days of the temple mother feeds the nagaraja and serpnants.

mannarasala nagaraja temple valiya amma
mannarasala nagaraja temple valiya amma

the process of feeding the snaked are called noorum palum. umadevi antharjanam 87 years old. mannarasala ayilyam is the mass festival is the birthday of nagaraja, the rituals are leaded by valiya amma on that days. Umadevi antharjanam belongs to the chembakanelloor illam from manganam she got marriage with M g narayan namboothiri of mannarsala illam. she initiated as her life as mother of mannarsala since 1995 at the age of 66 after the samadhi of savithir antharjanam.

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