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Mannarassala ayilyam 2018, annual festival at sri nagaraja temple haripad

Highlights of Mannarassala ayilyam and specialties- 2018 date

Mannarasala is the most dedicated temple for worshiping serpants in India as nagaraja, the name mannarasala is derived from mannarasala , there is a myth behind the name of the temple, lord parsurama was installed the prime deity. it was a dense forest having lot of mandaram flowers. the fragrance of the flowers leads to the name of the temple as mannarasala later it called mannarasala. the rituals in the temple follows as same of the methods suggested by parasurama. the deity is born as the baby of a brahmin lady, having five heads. Mannarassala ayilyam is the annual festival celebrating here.

It is one of the prominent temple in india to have first concern to save the groves and the creatures, this place become unique by the worshiping methods because the prime deity naja is done by a female brahmin priest who known as mannarasala amma of the traditional illam belongs to the temple. Mannarassala ayilyam is the most important festival that usually falls in malayalam month thulam. alappuzha is well rich with groves and such a temple is the great example of showing the tradition of kerala especially some offerings and rituals.

Mannarassala ayilyam 2018
Mannarassala ayilyam 2018

Mannarassala ayilyam celebrates for three days of malayalam month thulam and the celebrations will end on the particular day of thulam ayilyam. mahadeepakazcha is the process of lifting thousands of lamps taken by the devotees on the previous day of ayilyam. on third day mannarsala ayilyam celebrating in a grand way. the idols of the serpents are taken out from the sanctum and for procession. mannarsala amma is the holy priestess who giving the darshan only on some particular days. serpents are highly available in the groves, so the devotess must take care on not to destroy their habitat or anything else.

Mannarsala ayilyam 2018 event date:- 01-11-2018, thursday

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