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Meenkashi amman kovil madurai – Ancient shiva temple in India

Meenkashi amman kovil, pooja timings and features of dravidan structure

meenkashi amman kovil madurai
meenkashi amman kovil madurai

Meenkashi amman kovil is one of the ancient temples in india located at madurai of tamilnadu state, this is also a heritage all over india. meenkashi amman kovil is dedicate to goddess parvathy as meenakshi and her consort shiva as sundareswar. the temple is world famous for its architecture and this is a best example of dravidan style architecture in tamil nadu. it is believed that the temple is built around 6th century. but the temple was decayed by the attacks of Muslims 14th century, the present form of the temple was built by nayak ruler thirumala nayak.

meenkashi amman kovil is located at the southern bank of vaigai river in tamil nadu. there are total 14 gopurams in the temple, the tallest tower is focused at the southern direction and the oldest one is at eastern side. each gopuram is multi storeyed structure. The prime deities are meenakshi and sundareswar are surrounded by three enclosures and which lies in four minor towers at the four points of the compass. lord ganesh is the sub deity carved of single stone located outside of sundareswar shine the idol is called mukuruny vinayakar.

There are six daily rituals conducted by around 50 preists daily. meenakshi thiru kalyanamm is the main festival hosts here which usually falls n the month of April , the festival is he holy marriage of parvathy. navarathri and shiva rathri are the other major festivals of this temple. There is a holy temple tank is situated at the compound of the temple is known as porathamaraikulam. Meenakshi amman temple is located at madurai district, the nearest town is madurai at a distance of 2 km. this is a major city which has the facilities of train bus and air. the
temple timings start at 4.00 am till 7.00 pm.

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