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Murudeshwar shiva temple karnataka – biggest statue of god shiva in india

Murudeshwar shiva temple mythological view and location

Murudeshwar Shiva Temple
Murudeshwar Shiva Temple

murudeshwar shiva temple is an ancient shiva temple in india located at the northern kannada district of Karnataka,three sides of the temple is surrounded by arabian sea. murudeshwar shiva temple has a 20 storey gopura and 123 feet idol of shiva present here.statue of lord shiva can be seen from the rajagopura.According to hindu mythology ravana the king of lanka pleased for athma linga(the form of god shiva which give immortality who worship it),shiva appeared and give him the athma linga but there is a condition with it,shoud not placed in ground until he reaches lanka.the sage narada make out of the consequences after it reached lanka,he approached vinayaka to solve the crisis.vinayaka knew that he performing evening rituals,ravana was very compulsory in worship to shiva.

At the same time vinayaka reached at ravana as a small boy.ravana requested to that small boy to held athma linga and advised him not to placed it on ground.vinayaka use the opportunity,he made a deal with ravana he would call him three times if he did not back at that time,he would place the athma linga on ground.ravana returned to see that he placed it on ground,ravana became angry and furious he tried to break into pieces,head piece of the linga is fall away,covering and case also he threw away at last the cloth of the athma linga is threw which placed at kanduka hills and known that temple as mrideswara and present days the temple known as murudeshwar.

The temple opens early in the morning,rituals start from 3.00 am to 1.00 pm.evening rituals from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm.mahasivarathri,ugadi and holy are the main festivals celebrated in the temple. The temple is 54 km away from gokarna,there are many private and transport bus services to the other cities of india.murudeshwar railway station is near to temple with distance 2 km east of the town.mangalore international airport is about 153 km from temple.

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