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Nellaiappar temple, famous for celebrating the arudra darsan festival

Nellaiappar temple, ancient shiva temple in Thirunelveli of Tamilnadu

Nellaiappar temple is one of the main shiva temples in south india dedicate to lord shiva and his consort parvathy located at thirunelveli district of Tamilnadu state. Nellaiappar temple is located at the banks of tamirapani river. the temple is made by following the dravidan architecture. the temple is known as pancha sabhas, which means the holy dance mandaps, because lord shiva is the god of dance as nataraja. lord shiva worshiped as nellai appar. except the main shrine there many sub deities are presoding in the temple lord shiva worshiped as nellaiappr together with his consort kanthimathy ammal.

Nellaiappar temple is one of the largest temples in south india which sprawling an area about 15 acres in Thirunelveli.The highest gopurams are the prime attraction of the temple which is about 850 feet long. it was built inn 7th century during the period of pandyas but the maintenance are took by the after emperors in south india. there are many stone inscriptions in the temple, there is a huge outer wall in the temple. there is a copper dance dance can be see which is an amazing work, this is used in the temple for hosting the images of nataraja and sivakami during the arudra darsanam festival, this is a special event in the temple that dedicate to shiva as in th e dance form nataraja.

Nellaiappar temple nellai
Nellaiappar temple nellai

the hall is known as thamara sabha. sadhana sabhapathy is another shrine which is located right behind of thaamara sabha. Thiru kalyanam, arudra darsanam, navarathri are th eemain festivals hosts at the temple. the temple timings start at 6.00 am since 9.00 pm. Nellaiappar templeis 4 km from Thirunelveli has the facilities of both the rail and the bus services. the nearest airport to the temple is Trichy.

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