List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Oachira temple, Worship lord shiva as ohmkara moorthy

Oachira parabrahma temple famous for kalakettu and oachira kali

Oachira temple
Oachira temple

Oachira temple is a famous shiva temple located at kollam district of kerala. the principal deity is lord shiva known as oachira parabramam. there is lot of devotees reach at the temple daily, oachira temple has unique feature compared to other temples of kerala, the uniqueness of the temple is about the principal deity, there is no image, it installed without a sanctum sanatorium. the temple is sprawling an area about 36 acres,but it don’t have the temple coverings for the prime deity.

The temple located at the border of kollam and alappuzha. there is an another temple in Alappuzha named padanilam has also with the prime deity as prabrahma, it is believed that, padanilam prabrahmam temple was the origin place of this temple. the prime deity is worshiped under the tree.Oachira temple got the world attention by celebrating the oachira kali, this is a heritage festival of this temple which celebrates every year. this is a mock fight between the groups of men each side well dressed in both side as the warriors, they performing martial arts.

panthrandu vilakku is another festival which falls in first 12 days of malayalam month vrichikam. kala kettu is also a mass festival. kayyum kalum is the special offering in the temple which dedicate to prime deity for curing all bodily sicks. uru nercha and ettukandam urulicha are other main offerings in the temple. uru nercha is also for curing the diseases.

There is only 1 km distance between the oachira temple and town. the bus stand and and the rail head are housed at oachira town. it is very easy to accessing to the temple. the nearest airport is trivandrum international airport at a distance of 105 km. it located west side to national highway 47.

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