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Palani murugan temple history – location and mythological view

palani murugan temple location and specialty

palani temple pictures
palani temple pictures

palani is a holy town blessed with lord subrahmanya swami,the temple is located in sivagiri hills at dindigul district in tamilnadu state. the temple is one of the most important temple in india worship to god devasenapathy god karthikeya,it is one of the six abodes of murugan.there are 1008 steps to reach the temple there is also a rope way to reach the temple.the golden chariot(thangaratham) is very popular.uncountable number of devotees reach the temple every the foothills of the temple Meenakshisundareswarar and PadiVinayakar are worshiped and also idol of murugan is present the top of the hill a main temple is dedicated to dandhayudhapani many other deities along with giriveedhi.bhogasidhar is the founder of the temple.finally reach at the principal deity lord muruga.

Hindu mythology says that once narada reached kailasa to visit shiva,parvathy and their sons muruga and vinayaka,he gifted a fruit named gyana pazham,the parents was in trouble in dividing that fruit to the sons,shiva challenged whomever first circled the world thrice,both of them accepted the challenge muruga start his journey with peacock but vinayaka realized that his parents is the real globe,he move three times around them and got the the same time muruga circled around the earth when he returned after the journey ,he understood the fruit caught his brother he became angry,he left kailasa and stayed in the hills of palani.

The festivals celebrated in the temple are thai poosam,painkuni uthram and the soora samharam.temple timings start from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm, six poojas done during this time.The different transportation facilities available to reach the temple,NH 209 connects temple road to Coimbatore and banglore ,transport buses done the services to other cities.the distance between palni temple and railway station is 3 km.the airports near to the temple are madurai and Coimbatore with distances 100 and 105 km respectively.the contact details of the temple is mentioned below Address: Giri Veethi, Palani, Tamil Nadu 624601
Phone: 04545 242 236

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