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Panayannarkavu devi temple one of the great kali temples in kerala

Panayannarkavu devi temple, location information and other details

Panayannarkavu temple is a powerful pilgrim destination in pathanamthitta worship goddess as bhadrakali in counted as one of 108 shivalayams in kerala, which are the temples that provide more significance to bhadrakali than shiva, the prime deity of the temple known as panayannarkavilamma for the devotees. the principal deity is bhdrakali which is the furious form of goddess parvathy. the temple has a special place in kerala.

panayannarkavu temple located as parumala of pathanamthitta district which lies in thiruvalla mavelikkara road. panayannarkavu temple is located at the banks of holy pamba river. this is one of the ancient temples in kerala, it is believed that the temple was actually installed by the sage durvasa during the treta yuga.

panayannarkavu devi temple
panayannarkavu devi temple

panayannarkavu devi temple is one of the rare temples in kerala by which it has the variety wall paintings, the paintings are based on the great epics of india like mahabharatha, devi bhagawatha etc. the characters of these epics are beautifully pictured on to the walls of the temple, not only the characters but also the incidents. yakshiyamma is one of the sub deity of the temple that has a close relation with the christian priest kadamattath achaan, he was arrested yakshi in old days when she became cruel, after that priest installed her in the temple compound.

The temple provides the offers as same in all devi temples. vishu is a main festival in the temple, the ayiliyam day of malayalam month is the great celebration. mavelikkara and thiruvalla are the nearest cities to the temple located with distances 10 and 13 km. the nearest rail heads are also focused at thiruvalla and mavelikkara. the closest rail head located at kochi at a distance of 90 km.

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