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Parasinikadavu muthappan, thiruvoppana mahotsavam is the annual festival

Parasinikadavu muthappan, madathukavu as sanctum and muthappan theyyam ritual

Sree muthappan temple is most commonly known as parasinikadavu muthappan kshethram, the sanctum of the temple known as madappura, there are some particular priests for performing the rituals and some offerings. madayans are the securities from traditional families, thiyyas are priets who take part in the daily rituals. muthappan is always accompanied with a dog. muthappan also known as the god of suffering people. the feature of this temple in case of the offering. boiled beans and the coconut pieces with tea are the main offering at parasinikadavu muthappan, after visiting temple, devotes will get it without any payments. meals is also available here.

It is considered dog is the sacred life for muthappan, greater number of dogs are found at the surroundings of parasinikadavu muthappan temple, they are the body guards of the lord which carved at the entrance of the temple. prasadam is first served for a dog at the surroundings of the temple. toddy is the special offering which is the unique feature of parasinikadavu temple. thiruvoppana mahotsavam is the mega event host here., it usually falls in malyalam month kumbham and which lasts for three days. theyyams are the temple events which performed along with temples. theyyam is one of the most ancient art form in malabar regions which is the soul of thiruvoppana festival of parasinikadavu muthappan temple.

Parasinikadavu muthappan festivals
Parasinikadavu muthappan festivals

Parasinikadavu muthappan located 10 km away from thaliparambu in kannur district, it is believed that the prime deity is close assocaite with folk. the unique feature of this temple which does not follow the sathwika mode of rituals as all temples in kerala, but the priests of the temple called thiyyas, the rituals are carried out by following a folk dance form called muthappan theyyam. vellattam is the daily offering in the temple

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