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Perunna sree subrahmanya swami temple -rituals, offerings, location and festivals

Perunna sree subrahmanya swami temple,changancherry

Perunna sree subrahmanya swami temple
Perunna sree subrahmanya swami temple

Sree subrahmanya swami temple is an indian temple dedicated to god murugan,an important historical thing related with this temple,in old days people belong with low caste do not have permission to entering the temples,during this period travancore king sree chithira thirunal balaramavarma gave the permission to all peoples for temple entry.after that incident mahatma gandhi came here during his first visit in kerala.

principal deity is murgan in furious form and vel pointing downwards,this is the only temple murugan worship in the form of furious and angry mood myth says that it shows the as he had just killed tharakasuran,the sub deities are ayyappan,mahaganapathy,krishna etc.The idol of Lord Subramanya (Lord muruga) at this temple is about 6 feet high. Built in 753 AD, this temple is under the administration of Urazhma Devaswam Board.

Thypooyam festival occurring in the Malayalam month Makaram (January-February), the day of the star Pooyam around Pournami (Full Moon) is celebrated as Thypooyam,Lord Muruga destroyed Tharakasuran on the Pooyam Nakshatram day in the Tamil month of Thai and hence Thypooyam is celebrated in all Murugan temples,the kavadi bearer must follow the rules with it.kavadi bearer wears saffron-colored cloth and carry a conical scarlet cap and a cane silver-capped at both ends. The Kavadi-bearer very often observes silence. He observes strict celibacy. Only pure, vegetarian food is taken; he abstains from all sorts of intoxicating drinks and drugs. He thinks of God all the time.

Perunna located near to changanacherry in the MC road situated in between thiruvalla and changanacherry,and 20 km from kottayam Tuesday is very important day in this temple and lot of devotees come here on that day. Address: Perunna, Changanassery, Kerala 686102. the nearest railway station is changanacherry and also bus stand is very close to temple,there is bus stop in front of the temple.

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