List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Ramanathaswamy temple tamilnadu – worship to god shiva located at rameswaram

Ramanataswamy temple,one of the jyothirlinga temple

Ramanataswamy temple is one of the historical temple dedicated to lord shiva,located at rameswaram island in tamil nadu,the temple was rebuilt by pandya dynasty during 12th century.there is a longest corridor which is one of the longest in india with length

Ramanathaswamy temple rameswaram
Ramanathaswamy temple rameswaram

3850 feet,there are 1212 pillars along with the outer corridor.there are 64 thirthas that are holy water bodies around island of rameswaram,twenty two of them belongs to this temple,its believed that the a dip in this water bodies wash away the sins done by human,four sides of the temples surrounded by huge walls ,this is one of the major attractions for pilgrimages.

mythology held that the great epic ramayana is very close to this place,after the war with ravana he think about the sin of killing a brahmin,because ravana was brahmin,he prayed to lord shiva to solve the crisis,finally he have to worship the linga of shiva,he approached hanuman to bring a linga from Himalaya,he start the journey,he became too late to back so that sita made a linga of sand from near by place this is known as ramalingam here and the second as viswalinga.rama instructed viswalinga must be worship the principal deity of the temple is ramalinga and give first priority to viswalinga for performing poojas in this temple.

Thai amavasi is one of the festival celebrated during january in the temple,sivarathri,adi thirukalyanam,ramalingam pratastai,mahalaya amavasi and navarathri are the mass festivals conducted in the temple.the temple is open from 5.00 am to 1.00 pm for morning rituals and evening from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm.somavara pooja,dakshinamoorthy pooja,navagraha pooja are the main poojas takes place in the temple regularly.the bus station near to the temple is rameswaram with a distance 1 km and lot of buses available to connect different cities of india.and rameswaram railway station is close to the temple is about 1km.

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