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Sabarimala, 18 steps temple dedicate to lord ayyappa – festivals, mythology

Sabarimala, Thiruvabharanam ghoshaythra and makaravilakku are the special events

Sabarimala is the world famous ayyappa temple and the real accommodation place of lord ayyappa he chosen himself, the temple is focused on the hill and the devotees can only headed to the temple after by climbing 18 steps. this is called pathinettam padi. these eighteen steps are the mythological symbols. sabari mala is not open all over the year. it usually open on the first days of all malayalam months. but the season to visit sabarimala is known as mandalakalam, which lasts for 41 days. mandalakalam start on first day of malayalam month vrichikam and end on 7th makaram after the temple rituals and special poojas.

Sabarimala temple and 18 steps
Sabarimala temple and 18 steps

Valiyakoyikkal palace was the home in his childhood, he grown as the son of the king of pandalam dynasty rajasekhara varma and his wife. lord ayyappa was actually the son of lord shiva and vishnu. he born as the son of them to kill the cruel lady demon mahishi. after completing the birth aim and tapas he chosen the hill top for his rest. the temple on the hill called sabarimala. ladies above 10 years are strictly prohibited in the temple. makaraviallkku is the special event at the temple. it hosts on 1st day of malayalam month makaram. thousands of devotees visit this place every day of mandalakalam.

During the makaravilakku day, a star appearing on the sky which is called makarajyothy, makaravilakku is the lamp flaming at ponnambalamedu. appam and aravana are the offerings at sabarimala. thiruvabhranam ghoshyathra is the procedure to carrying out the sacred jewels of lord ayyappa from pandalam palace, on the makaravilaakku day the jewels with the procession reach at sabari mala, and put on to the idol of lord ayyappa. madlakalam ends after the rituals and makraviakku, on the 41th day of mandalakalam.

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