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Sabarimala Madalakalam – the days for visiting sabarimala ayyappa swami

The season to visit the lord of kaliyuga – Sabarimala mandalakalam

Most famous ayyappa temple in pathanamthitta and allover the world Sabarimala Madalakalam, it says that lord ayyappa in kaliyuga was settled here after complete his birth aim. sabarimala temple is an ancient temple too, it says that the place was chooses by lord ayyappa for his settlement. it is not open all days of the year for the visitors. there are some particular days for the entry. first days of all malayalam month are open and the continuous days for visiting sabarimala is termed as mandalakalam. a lot of visitors reach here during the period of mandalakalam. especially all from the south india.

Sabarimala Madalakalam
Sabarimala Madalakalam

Sabarimala is administrated and controlled by the devaswom board of travancore region, mandalakalam will initiate at the first day of malayalam month vrichikam till the makaravilakku. after the makaravilakku festival it will be close. mandalakalam is the great deevotional spirit for the devotees in kerala. hard vrata will take for it. people who wish to headed to sabarimala they must wear the mala, this is the symbolic representation for initiation of their vrata. there are great procedures are followed by this. ladies are strictly prohibited in the sabarimala. The particular day of visiting sabarimala devotees must follow a procedure called kettumurukku.

Kettumurukku is most common in kerala, these are some rituals for before go to the temple, the periyaswami give the leadership for the devotees, periya swami is an experienced devotee he has the great experience with sabarimala. after the kettunirakkal process, they start the journey to sabarimala either by foot or the vehicle. during the madalakalam there are many celebrations takes place in other ayyappa temples of kerala. mandalakalam usually start at the end of november. in early days the journey to the temple are very suffering, but now the condition will cam to be more comfortable

mandalakalam start date 20117 : 16 october, thursday.

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