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Sabarimala makaravilakku, the holy event on malayalam month makaram

date 2018 sabarimala makaravilakku at sastha temple

Sabarimala makaravilakku is the essential part of mandala kalam, this is one of the most famous temple in kerala, thousands of devotees focus at the destination every day on mandalakalam. sabarimala temple is located in periyar tiger reserve on the hill top, sabarimala temple lies in dense forest, in early days devotees reach here by over come all the obstacles in the forest also the wild animals, but now the well facilities connects the devotees easily to the destination. lord sastha worshiped in the temple and be considered as the settlement place of lord ayyappa. sabarimala makara vilakku is the well celebrated annual ritual here. sabarimala makaravilakku also known as dakshina kumbha mela, it got this name by the participation of greater number of devotees.

shabarimala makaravilaku usually hold in malayalam month makaram, it falls in January. makravilaku date of 2017-2018 will be conduct on january 14 2018. thiruvabharanam ghoshayathra is the first step of the event, it started from pandalam valiya koyikkal temple, thiruvabharanam is the sacred jewels of lord ayyappa which kept in the wooden boxes, they proceed to the temple by foot. they take 3 days to reach at sabarimala. on the day of makaravilaku th team spot at the destination, makaravialakku deeparadhana is a great ritual by wearing the jewels.

Sabarimala makaravilakku date
Sabarimala makaravilakku date

makaravilakkku is a holy light which form on the eve of makaravilakku at ponnambalamedu, which is little distance from here. the light can be see for three times, this is called makaravilakku, at the same time of makaravilakku, a star will light at the sky this is known as makara jyothy. don’t be confused with makravilakku and makarjyothy. these two are entirely different. on the eve of makrajyothhy an eagle hover on the sky it says that lord vishnuas eagle on the day of sabarimala makara vilakku.

sabarimala makaravilakku 2018- 14 january, sunday.

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