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Sabarimala makaravilakku – the annual festival at sabarimala, event date

Sabarimala makaravilakku – mythology behind the origin of makaravilakku

Sabarimala ayyappa temple got world attention by the annual temple rituals and the events are hosts here, peoples visit here during the period of mandalakalam it lasts for 41 days since the first day of malayalam month vrichikam. this is most celebrated festival at sabarimala this is usually falls every january month, 14 january is the event day at sabarimala. thiruvabharanam procession conducts every year from pandalam palace. it says that pandalam palace was the child home of lord ayyappa. the thiruvabharanam ghoshayathra brings all ornaments of him from the palace to the temple. on the event day, deeparadhana is the prime attraction here.

Sabarimala makaravilakku date
Sabarimala makaravilakku date

Lord ayyappa give the blessings to the devotees in his full attire with thiruvabharanam on the day, a lot of devotees reach here to achieve this experience. makaravilakku on 14 january, which is the lamp appeared at ponnambalamedu, this is a high power flame. ponnambalamedu is located little far. the light appears three times at ponnambalamedu. there are some evidences about makaravilakku. makarajyothy is the star appeared in the sky at the day of makaravilakku . there will be an eagle hover at the sky during the event takes place.

According to hindu mythology the day which celebrate as makaravilakku has a story relation with the great epic ramayana, lord rama and lakshmana went to lanka to find mother seetha, they met sabrai, she was a great devotee of lord rama and a tribal women, she offered some fruits for them to eat, sabari first taste them and give back, but lakshmana became angry about this but lord rama calmed him, it was the great symbol of her devotion to rama. lord rama saw a divine person doing tapas, it was sastha, rama got forward to rama , sastha welcomed him. the anniversary of this incident celebrated as makaravilakku day.

2018 makaravilakku day: 14 january, sunday.

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