List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Sarkara devi temple, famous for hosting kaliyoott and meenabharani festival

Sarkara devi temple, goddess kali as the main deity near attingal

Sarkara is a small village located in chirayin keezhu taluk, trivandrum. devi temple at sarkara is famous for worshiping goddess bhadrakali as the main deity. sarkara devi temple has some historical relationship during the era of travancore kingdom. kaliyoot is the main festival at this temple has a great tradition during the period of travancore king anizham thirunal marthanda has some basic attachment with devi temple at nakramkode devi temple. the architecture of this temple is two storied one which is rectangular in shape and the roof is covered with bronze. second storey of the temple is rich with great sculptures.

Sub deities of the temple are narasimha moorthy, lord rama, krishna, durga, ganapathy etc. kaliyottu festival is the main festival hosting at sarkara devi temple, kaliyoot is dedicated to goddess kali, this is the dramatic representation of victory of goddess kali over the cruel demon darika. kaliyoott festival falls in malayalam month kumbham may february or march months in gregorian calendar. it lasts for nine days and special rituals are also performed in these nine days. mudi uzhichil and nilathil poru are the core event of kaliyoottu festival, which performed in last two days of the festival.

Sarkara devi temple
Sarkara devi temple

Meena bharani festival is another main festival hosts at sarkara devi temple, which lasts for ten days. bharani day is the main day of the festival. festival initiated after hoisting the temple flag. pallivetta is a ceremony which conduct on ninth day of festival. meena bharani festival ends with arattu ceremony.goddess kali carried out from the sanctum for the procession during festival days. attingal is the nearest city to the kovil which is about 6 km away. attingal is also the nearest rail head to the spot. trivandrum international airport is about 28 km distance.

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