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Shore temple mahabalipuram, dedicate to lord shiva & vishnu at seashore

Shore temple Mahabalipuram, one of the world heritage site of UNESCO

Shore temple mahabalipuram is world famous temple in tamilnadu dedicate to both lord vishnu and lord shiva, is the best example of dravidan style architecture and the great contribution of pallava emperors who rules south india in old days, it says that it was built around seventh century. such a wonderful architecture is located at the shore of bay of Bengal, this is not only a temple but also the representation of great indian heritage all over its structure, and hence UNESCO added this monument as the world heritage site. lord shiva and lord vishnu are the prime deities in the temple which installed separately.

Lord shiva installed in garbhagriha which is the sanctum sanatorium of the temple, lord shiva is worship in the form of linga in it. lord vishnu is worshiped on seshanag. the over all structure is made with granite. shore temple mahabalipuram is named as seven pagodas, because it was the combination of seven temples and look like the pyramid structure. so that it called seven pagodas. according to hindu legends it says that this place is closely associate with prahlada and hiranyakashipu, after hiranyakashipu was killed by lord vishnu, prahlada became the king, after that his son found the place mahabalipuram.

Shore temple mahabalipuram
Shore temple mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is also called mamallapuram. mahabalipuram is famous for celebrating pongal, which is ussually falls in middle of january every year. the dance festival is also celebrate at this time, which is also a famous festival at mahabalipuram. mahabalipuram is well connect to other cities by buses. the nearest airport is at mahabalipuram which is about 48 km from the destination. it has also the facilities for connecting through train services from mahabalipuram to other cities of india. shore temple mahabalipuram opens daily 6.00 am t o 6.00 pm. morning and evening timings are best to visit here.

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